077: Season 4 Wrap-up with Selena

Hi, I’m just wrapping up one of my most favourite Seasons so far. Its a topic that I really connected to. Its our Earth and Environment. 6 year old Selena from Dubai has kindly co-hosted my wrap up. Her vision is amazing! Just listen to her talk passionately about why its every person’s responsibility.

Siyona Jul 17, 2021

074: Ground 0 Environmental Heroes

All it takes, is 2 bare hands to start cleaning up what you see. Nature is bound to Thank you and thrive better. Meet these wonderful ‘Ground 0 Environmental heroes’ who took time out of their busy schedule to clean up their local park.

Siyona Jun 27, 2021

072: Impending E-waste Calamity with Dr Parthasarathy

50 Million tons of e-waste is generated globally every year. That is a weight greater than all of the commercial airlines weighed together! As humanity, we do have the capability to recycle 99% of this back into being used. But our poor awareness and attitude ensures just 20% of this is recycled formally.

Siyona Jun 12, 2021

069: Little Minds discuss about Oceans and pollution – Dyuthi Dushyanth

Hi, The new generation of kids are certainly more aware of our environmental issues. Dyuthi, 12 yrs joins me in discussing further about our oceans and the issues related. Hannah Whitby in episodes 64 and 65 discussed loads issues our marine life faces.

Siyona May 29, 2021

065: Oceans and Pollution with Hannah Whitby – Part 2

In this episode, Hannah continues to explain why coral reefs are so important to us and why our lifestyles are causing reefs to disappear despite being the first line of defence in protecting our oceans. We discuss how plastics are known to be harmful on our oceans but emerging things unknown and that are equally harmful are the cosmetics, personal care products and cleaning products.

Siyona May 05, 2021

064: Oceans and Pollution – Hannah Whitby

Hi, I start this episode by satisfying my curiosity on Life of an oceanographer as a Biogeochemist. Hannah Whitby gives us great insights into the reasons why Oceans play a major role in affecting our lifestyles and climate change Listen to her as she explains how Sea level changes actually affect half of human populations as they live within about 100 kms of our oceans. Oceans give us half the oxygen we breathe. Tiny little algae work very hard to stabilise the carbon footprint.

Siyona May 01, 2021

062: Little minds chat about ‘Climate Change’ – Mygreenmantra

Hi, In today’s episode, I speak to Two inspiring sisters, Dhaanya and Reaha formed Mygreenmantra, in Hong kong, to do their bit and help reverse Climate Change. They do this by cleaning up the beaches with their little hands and campaigning outside of public spaces, getting people to pledge change in their lifestyle to help reverse the effects of Climate change. The positive actions of many prominent environmentalists like David Attenborough, Greta thunberg and Jane Goodall inspired these 2 little girls. They plan to attend the COP26 summit in Glasgow this year.

Siyona Apr 17, 2021

060: Climate Change with Lynn Englum – Part 2

Ever wondered about the countries most affected by climate change and how it feels to be there? Lynn Englum literally travels to these places! She explains how it feels to be there In part 2 of Climate change discussion, She continues to explain how each of us can make a difference by being conscious about our Carbon Footprint. And how humanity should strive to keep up our livelihood without causaing damage to our environment. So far, world economies have thought more consumption or in simple words, buying, is better economy. But this cannot continue anymore.

Siyona Apr 04, 2021

059: Climate change with Lynn Englum

Climate change is the change in weather patterns in the world. Like Superstorm Sandy in East coast and the intense wildfires in California last year and excessive rains in Lynn Englum has travelled across the world to countries that are most impacted with climate change. And sees why this phenomenon is displacing millions of people forcing them into becoming refugees in other countries.

Siyona Apr 03, 2021

057: Little Minds Chat about Biodiversity

https://pdcn.co/e/www.buzzsprout.com/1035886/8175707-057-little-minds-chat-about-biodiversity.mp3?blob_id=36913554&download=true https://pdcn.co/e/www.buzzsprout.com/1035886/8175707-057-little-minds-chat-about-biodiversity.mp3?blob_id=36913554&download=true In my previous episode, Dr Gerardo proved to us that Biodiversity is under severe thread and that my generation will have various challenges and consequences if this is not attended to immediately.

Siyona Mar 20, 2021

055: Loss of Biodiversity with Dr Gerardo Ceballos

Parents are kinda funny. They shower love on us at present and (un)knowingly destroy our future. Let us help the Dr Gerardo Ceballos convince our parents that they care for us only if they change our current life style. Biodiversity is the one factor that allows us to have all the comforts nature offers. Hope this episode makes our adults and us realise we do not have another earth, and we definitely stare at an uncertain future devoid of all the comforts we have now!

Siyona Mar 05, 2021

052: Launching Season 4 – Earth and Environment

Hi, It surprises me how unaware we are of our life style choices. All scientists I spoke to have warned there very less time to roll back the damage we’re doing to our environment.

Siyona Feb 20, 2021