062: Little minds chat about ‘Climate Change’ – Mygreenmantra
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062: Little minds chat about ‘Climate Change’ – Mygreenmantra

Hi, In today’s episode, I speak to Two inspiring sisters, Dhaanya and Reaha formed Mygreenmantra, in Hong kong, to do their bit and help reverse Climate Change. They do this by cleaning up the beaches with their little hands and campaigning outside of public spaces, getting people to pledge change in their lifestyle to help reverse the effects of Climate change. The positive actions of many prominent environmentalists like David Attenborough, Greta thunberg and Jane Goodall inspired these 2 little girls. They plan to attend the COP26 summit in Glasgow this year.

They explain why the voices of children are very important and why each and every one of us need to have the commitment towards changing our lifestyles. They aim at creating a fossil fuel free earth by the end of this decade. 

Good luck to these girls.

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