055: Loss of Biodiversity with Dr Gerardo Ceballos
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055: Loss of Biodiversity with Dr Gerardo Ceballos

Parents are kinda funny. They shower love on us at present and (un)knowingly destroy our future. Let us help the Dr Gerardo Ceballos convince our parents that they care for us only if they change our current life style. Biodiversity is the one factor that allows us to have all the comforts nature offers. Hope this episode makes our adults and us realise we do not have another earth, and we definitely stare at an uncertain future devoid of all the comforts we have now!

We have very less time left to reverse the 6th Mass extinction. 

Say no to plastics, use less gadgets, don’t waste food, don’t cut our trees, 

Please help Biodiversity prevail. Help others understand its importance by sharing this episode. 

Please sign my Change.org petition for ‘Say NO to plastic toys’: http://chng.it/vSpHztxb

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