057: Little Minds Chat about Biodiversity
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057: Little Minds Chat about Biodiversity

https://pdcn.co/e/www.buzzsprout.com/1035886/8175707-057-little-minds-chat-about-biodiversity.mp3?blob_id=36913554&download=true https://pdcn.co/e/www.buzzsprout.com/1035886/8175707-057-little-minds-chat-about-biodiversity.mp3?blob_id=36913554&download=true In my previous episode, Dr Gerardo proved to us that Biodiversity is under severe thread and that my generation will have various challenges and consequences if this is not attended to immediately.

I was more interested in what other kids like myself think of this situation. Aswika sheds light on lots of aspects that matter to my generation and why the current generation of adults are still way behind what needs to be done!

Don’t miss out her song on biodiversity!!

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