077: Season 4 Wrap-up with Selena
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077: Season 4 Wrap-up with Selena

Hi, I’m just wrapping up one of my most favourite Seasons so far. Its a topic that I really connected to. Its our Earth and Environment. 6 year old Selena from Dubai has kindly co-hosted my wrap up. Her vision is amazing! Just listen to her talk passionately about why its every person’s responsibility.

Follow her on Instagram with @Littlehands.bigheart

Though I will be moving on to a new season starting next saturday, I have taken some learnings and actions from this one. Please listen to it and join my Little-WISE club. Become a next gen Eco_Warrior.

Thanks for listening.

website: https://www.littlemindchats.com/

Please do sign my petition to ‘Say NO to Plastic toys’


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