060: Climate Change with Lynn Englum – Part 2
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060: Climate Change with Lynn Englum – Part 2

Ever wondered about the countries most affected by climate change and how it feels to be there? Lynn Englum literally travels to these places! She explains how it feels to be there In part 2 of Climate change discussion, She continues to explain how each of us can make a difference by being conscious about our Carbon Footprint. And how humanity should strive to keep up our livelihood without causaing damage to our environment. So far, world economies have thought more consumption or in simple words, buying, is better economy. But this cannot continue anymore.

We also disccused why Pollution and Green house gases could be related but are not the same. 

I loved the way she explais about the acid rains, CO2 gases and the rate at which we are loosing our forests. 

Silver lining is when we hear innovative ways of improving greenery in our daily living. Like Singapore

But how long do we have, before things got completely out of hand? TEN Years or less. 

We also had a little surprise visitor in our conversation. I loved Lynn’s naughty, attention seeking Black cat called Neesha.

I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I do.

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