072: Impending E-waste Calamity with Dr Parthasarathy
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072: Impending E-waste Calamity with Dr Parthasarathy

50 Million tons of e-waste is generated globally every year. That is a weight greater than all of the commercial airlines weighed together! As humanity, we do have the capability to recycle 99% of this back into being used. But our poor awareness and attitude ensures just 20% of this is recycled formally.

Rest 80% is literally damaging our earth. Its dumped in landfills or pumped into unorganised sectors who engage unscientific methods to dismantle the e-waste, or even worse, end up in our water bodies. This is enormously harmful to our environment and our health.

Developed countries literally dump their e-waste in poor West African countries

Dr Parthasarathy of e-parisara explains why its important to STOP littering places on our earth and how you could ensure your gadgets reach authorised recyclers.

Please visit their website ewasteindia.com and ensure your e-waste is recycled.

Awareness is the first step to fighting this crisis. Please do spread this episode to your known contacts.

e-Parisara website: ewasteindia.com
Petition to ‘Say NO to plastic toys’: http://chng.it/vSpHztxb
My website: https://www.littlemindchats.com/

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