Current News for Kids – 04

Hi, There’s so much happening on the earth at this time, In this week’s news, we discuss news on Covid-19 around the world, Some nature news about the fast extinction of 500 animal species, We discuss how Dr Kathy Sullivan explored the challenger deep in the Mariana trench. We cover some news on archaeological advances using GPR technology. And finally, news on George Floyd. I also explore when racism started and share some of my own experiences. We hear the voices of some children who are being positively influenced by the health series Little Mind Chats is running. Hope you enjoy listening Thanks, Siyona

Siyona Jun 14, 2020

Current News for Kids – 06

Hi There, Its Sunday and I’m back with your weekly episode of Little Mind Chats. In the bi-weekly news, we see how research has proved that Covid is highly transmitted by air… not just the micro droplets in air. Our generation is witnessing major events like Russia’s vote for changes in its constitution and the difference China’s security law makes for Hong Kong. We’re at cosmological luck this week as there are many events for us to watch in a week or two. Meteor showers, Mars getting closer and even a newly discovered comet Neowise approaching earth with its long lovely tail for us to see! And yes, we finally hear about the Turkey Paraglider Mr Kaval who had a thrilling journey in the skies.. along with his couch and TV! Hope you enjoy listening…

Siyona Jun 12, 2020

Healthy Teeth

Hello Again!! I can’t believe I’m into my 7th episode already. As you are aware, we’re running a Health series. In my last interview, we heard a lot about Good eating. This week, we’ll hear and learn a lot more on how and why our teeth are so important to us. Dr Shwetha G, a Paediatric Dentist explains sooo many important questions like why we need to use age appropriate tooth paste and brush, why we get tooth aches, why some of us have too many teeth and so much more! I hope, you enjoy listening…

Siyona Jun 07, 2020

Current News for Kids – 03

Hi, Thanks for showing interest in my news episodes. In this episode, we discuss a variety of news from Space, technology, environment and of course Covid. We discuss how and why the Space X mission is being launched, who Elon Musk is and who the 2 astronauts are! (Psst… They are Dough and Bob. Listen to my episode for their last names) We also discuss about the 44.2 Tbps internet speed that Australian scientists have invented and How Africa is fighting the ever-expanding Sahara Desert. I really appreciate their efforts in building a 4750 miles long wall of trees! They are 21 countries across the Sahel, I’m sure they’ll put in great efforts. Hope you enjoy listening! Thanks, Siyona

Siyona May 31, 2020

Current News and Lockdown Fun

Hi All, In this episode, We’ll see some more news from across the world. Some Covid 19 numbers, People coming out of lockdown and countries like Lebanon returning back to Lockdown. We discuss the gas leakage from a polymer factory and also hear news about UFO and finally, learn more about our Ozone layer. Following this, we hear to some cute voices of other kids and learn how they are spending their time in the lockdown. Have fun listening! Thank you.

Siyona May 17, 2020

Back to School!!

Its the end of the Summer holidays and it looks like the lock down is finally coming to an end too! I just can’t wait to start school, meet new friends and teachers. In this episode, we discuss how schools in other countries are coping, how we might start schooling and why things will be different for all of us. Don’t miss out the useful tips for online schooling. Hope you’ll enjoy this episode too..

Siyona May 11, 2020

Current news for kids

Hi Friends, Thanks for visiting my website, Hope you enjoyed the news. That’s not everything happening in the world, I tried to capture the most interesting ones for you. Links to news you just heard are on my website. Please do visit it to know more details. Please do leave your valuable comments for me to get better at what I’m doing. Thank you :😊

Siyona May 03, 2020


This is my first podcast and I’m here to introduce myself and share some news from across the world. I really couldn’t gather much news but for about Corona Virus. Please do listen to it and enter the competition!

Siyona Nov 05, 2019