040: Schools and Us – Part 2

We explore a few more questions around schools in our lives. I was curious to know how life would be at school just after Corona. Mrs Manisha gives us a little peek into some possible changes after schools reopen. I asked her a few more interesting questions like why some teachers have favourite students. And what we could do if teachers are boring sometimes. She gives us some brilliant answers. Listen to know it all.. Thank you

Siyona Dec 06, 2020

039: Schools and Us

Hello Hello! School is special for a lot of us as kids. We sometimes love going there and sometimes not so happy about it. But is it really necessary to go to school? Mrs Manisha Shashiraj Shetty, Vice Principal of Innisfree House School was happy to chat me through some of my questions like why school is important, why we wear uniforms and even chatted about the online classes…. It turned out to be such an interesting chat!. Please do listen! Thank you

Siyona Nov 29, 2020

038: Current news for Kids – 14

Hi, Here’s my fortnightly news episode. I’ve come across some very interesting news on the internet. Ofcourse, we start with some news on Covid. Good part is about the Vaccination by oxford university. We then hear a little about protests going in various parts of the world like the Thailand, Belarus and Hong kong. In environment news, we could see how a map of all bee species in the world has been created to track the decline in bee population. There’s also the sad news about plastic in our oceans which is causing severe extinction of marine life. We go on to hear how a bunch of students have come up with a brilliant solution to stop tyre pollution. We hear to some space news on How China launches a mission to bring back some moon rock and sand just in time for Christmas. Also a record breaking Space X Falcon 9 launch. Finally, we wrap up with news about the deepest swimming pool in Poland. Also, a mysterious monolith found in Utah. Thanks for listening.

Siyona Nov 25, 2020

037: My First time on Radio

Hi, I’m feeling a bit too happy after my first time in a Radio show. I couldn’t stop myself from sharing my experience with you.

Siyona Nov 21, 2020

036: Education and Skills

Hi All, In today’s episode, my school Director Mrs Archana Vishwanathan explains to us, why we need to develop so many different skills as part of our education. She speaks to us about soft skills like socials skills like empathy, caring, sharing and technical skills which could be learnt on the go. How reading good books could change our character and then our behaviour. Being positive in our lives has a great impact on our life she explains… The ultimate goal like she mentions is to be future good citizens in our country and ultimately in the world I hope you all enjoy listening and learning from her experiences and advices.

Siyona Nov 15, 2020

035: Current News for Kids – 13

Hello all, We start our news with the unmissable news of Joe Biden being elected as the President of the United states. We have a quick look at 3 other countries which have gone through their elections in the recent past – Tanzania, Georgia and Ivory Coast. We listen more about the exciting news of how AI is helping us detect asymptomatic covid-19 affected people being detected with just their cough. TO compliment this, a little scientist may have found a way to stop Covid-19… We move on to see how China launched its first 6G test satellite and delve further into what all the buzz about 5G and 6G is… Major weather incidents never fail to make it to my fortnightly news and this time, it’s the Tropical Storm Eta pounding Cuba and Florida We end with 2 wonderful news… one in the deep ocean and one in space. Its regarding a really tall skyscraper size coral tower that has been discovered near the Great barrier reet in Pacific ocean and that our moon has been confirmed have water in the most familiar molecular form. We’ve also announced this month’s competition as ‘Best from Waste’. Please do send in your entries. I hope you enjoy listening

Siyona Nov 08, 2020

034: Importance of Education

Hi, I hope you all had a good Halloween week. Today’s episode is exciting for 2 reasons…1st, it’s the first episode of my Season 3 and 2nd reason… its monthly competition results day!! Yoo hoo. In today’s episode, we speak to the highly qualified Dr Uday Balakrishnan who was involved in pulling children out of Child labour. His initiative was the largest across the world during that time. He explains to us, why education is that important and why we need to constantly learn and re-learn many things. He does mention that our generation would be facing a lot more challenges in terms of the changing weather and global warming and so, education plays all the more important role for us. But yes, he did mention that we should have an all round education by means of playing, trekking, watching movies etc. I just loved what he said as it makes total sense to me and I Hope it will to you too… Also, the winner of our October month’s competition is ‘Aadisha Kiran’. Please visit Instagram and see the winner. Thanks to Raghunandan Photography for being our judge. Thanks,

Siyona Nov 01, 2020

033: Concluding Season 2/ Welcoming Season

Hi, I’ve tried my best to summarie all we’ve heard through out the Space Season, Season-2. There is so much more we discussed under the 4 space related topics we covered. The exciting part is the announcement of My Season-3, Education. For once, I’ve had the chance of questioning a few really nice teachers, who have nearly dedicated their lives to educating more and more children. I really hope you enjoy listening to this episode Thank you, Siyona

Siyona Oct 29, 2020

032: Current News for Kids – 12

– Covid updates across the world – Lowest Carbon Dioxide emissions recorded – Coral disease being tackled by using its immunity – Prince Williams’ Earthshot Prize to encourage Achievements in Environment and restoration – Tuatara hypercar records 316mph speed – Exciting technology of Perovskites for future Solar power – Massive ancient cat drawing discovered in Peru.

Siyona Oct 25, 2020

031: Satellites & Space – Part 2

So, another episode with our favourite Dr Guruprasad. He speaks about lots of things which are light years away from our vast imagination. … like how 15 Storey high rocket, PSLV put 104 satellites into their orbits accurately! Imagine that (if You can)! And how you are hearing his

Siyona Oct 10, 2020

030: Satellites and Space – Part 1

Hi Again! I’ve had the pleasure of picking Dr Guruprasad’s brains again. This time, for my questions on Satellites. He did not disappoint me at all…. This episode is packed with so much to help you understand why we have so many satellites are in space and still don’t really collide… what space debris is and how lots of satellites fall back to earth after their job is done. Its interesting how India has its own version of GPS called Navik. I was truly fascinated to know how tall the PSLV rocket is! Its truly wonderful how satellites are inseparable from our lives now. It shocked me satellites are even involved in my own podcast while you all are listening from different parts of the world!. I hope you enjoy listening. Thanks,

Siyona Oct 10, 2020

029: Current News for Kids – 11

Hi, I’m excited to some extent to share a few things in this news episode… Mainly because my favourite environmentalist, Sir David Attenborough has not just created an Instagram account but even made a guinnesse world record for being the fastest to reach a million. We do discuss few other things before that, like the US president testing positive for corona, Nobel prize for medicine, mars being closes to earth, NASA astronaut voting from space and so much more! I hope you enjoy viewing this episode as much as I enjoyed making it… Thanks,

Siyona Oct 07, 2020

028: Celebration Of Bapu’s Birthday!

Of course I couldn’t resist the celebration of Bapu’s birthday! Here’s a special episode to remind us how this great man struggled and fought with his simplistic approach to bring the independence back to India.

Siyona Oct 02, 2020

022: Grow Your Greens Competition Results

Hi All, This episode is truly memorable to me! The guest/ judge is a really talented young lady with such beautiful advice to offer on how Little kids can grow our own food confidently. Thanks Milly, you made my day! The results are out for our Monthly Competition for the month of August. Milly (@rootingforcooking on Insta) gives lovely explanation on why each of them won. The competition was ‘Grow Your Greens’. Many Kids actually put in a month long effort to grow some greens and sent their pictures over. I’m very thankful to them. Hope you enjoy listening. Don’t forget to send us your feedback! Thanks, Siyona

Siyona Sep 29, 2020

027: Space, Scientists and Competition Results

Hello Hello, This week, I planned to mention some great scientists who left their foot prints on space exploration. We have a look at how some of India’s scientists paved out ISRO. There are ofcourse lots more space exploration agencies across the world. We then move on to discuss about a few space oriented movies and look at our Judge’s recommendations. Please do watch them when you find time next. Finally, we wrap up by declaring our winner for this month’s competition. Listen on to know who won! Thanks!

Siyona Sep 26, 2020