055: Loss of Biodiversity with Dr Gerardo Ceballos

Parents are kinda funny. They shower love on us at present and (un)knowingly destroy our future. Let us help the Dr Gerardo Ceballos convince our parents that they care for us only if they change our current life style. Biodiversity is the one factor that allows us to have all the comforts nature offers. Hope this episode makes our adults and us realise we do not have another earth, and we definitely stare at an uncertain future devoid of all the comforts we have now!

Siyona Mar 05, 2021

054: World Hearing Day

Hi, Hearing is a very important part of what we understand and process in our brains. Thanks to Mrs Radhika Poovayya for helping me Create awareness amongst kids like us, through my podcast on this ‘World Hearing Day’.

Siyona Mar 02, 2021

053: Current news for kids – 19


Siyona Feb 27, 2021

052: Launching Season 4 – Earth and Environment

Hi, It surprises me how unaware we are of our life style choices. All scientists I spoke to have warned there very less time to roll back the damage we’re doing to our environment.

Siyona Feb 20, 2021

051: Current news for Kids – 18

Discovery of plant based Antiviral medicine for Covid Joe Biden’s inaugural ceremony Military Coup in Myanmar Alexie Navalny, Political prisoner in Russia

Siyona Feb 06, 2021

050: Celebrating 50 episodes

Hi, It’s a great feeling… Completing 50 episodes, a mile stone in itself… I’m choosing to celebrate it with all my favourite people, which includes my listeners, kids, the guests, a team who supports me, my huge family and ofcourse even the parents of my listeners…

Siyona Jan 31, 2021

049: Republic Day Special

Happy republic Day!! This is my first time in India on this day… I’m so looking forward to watching the Parade on TV! I had a chance to discuss so many things about this National day with Mr P Puneet, an Assistant Professor in JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University). I ended this conversation with Sardar Vallabhai Patel, the one man who unified our entire nation. Hope you enjoy listening to this very educative episode about our Indian Constitution!

Siyona Jan 25, 2021

048: Season 3 wrap up and Netaji’s Birthday

Hi, Feels like an achievement to wrap up my Season 3! We discussed so many aspects of education in this season. I’ve attempted to play back some of the great things we discussed. Thanks to all the lovely guests who cared to share with us, all the stuff we covered in this Season. But there’s something else happening today.. it’s the Birthday of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. I feel humbled at the efforts this great man put in to bring us freedom. And so, we finish this episode with a little discussion about this great leader. Jai Hind! Thanks,

Siyona Jan 23, 2021

047: Current news for Kids -17

Hi, This news episode speaks about a lot of events that happened since the year started… Covid news from across the world, on how Gorillas have contracted to it and how sad it is, that Brazil is facing its worst nightmare of having no oxygen to treat its suffering citizens. We also hear about how and why the Capitol saw some bad riots followed by Trump’s impeachment. In environmental news we see how microplastics are showing up in the arctic!! And that 2021 is set for a huge increase in outdoors CO2 levels…. We end our news with wishing Wikipedia on its 20th birthday and hear the exciting news of Tesla opening shop in Bengaluru, India. Hope you enjoyed and learnt something new. Thanks

Siyona Jan 16, 2021

046: Future of Education (NEP 2020) – Part 2

Choosing your own subjects at school? No more multiple syllabuses in the future? How cool can that be? Dr Chetan Singai explains further on how cool NEP 2020 is… ofcourse, when implemented rightThank you… its sounds super exciting to be part of this revolution in Indian education… We’ve even been able to include some questions from parents… for the first time in LMC. Thanks to the parents for giving me this opportunity for being of more use to your kids and you!

Siyona Jan 09, 2021

045: Future of Education (NEP 2020) – Part 1

Hi All, Have you ever wondered if the boring rote learning in our schools is likely to continue? You could be wrong… Because future of education is set to change BIG time…. But what are the changes? Why the changes now? Who will be affected? Turns out that the answers to these questions and a lot more are very interesting. Thanks to Dr Chetan Singai for taking time to answer all of my questions. I really hope this helps you . Thanks a lot for listening.

Siyona Jan 02, 2021

044: 2020 Wrap up and lots of wishes

Hi, Here’s a wrap up of all you’ve heard in 2020 from my podcast. We have quiet a few guests who would like to wish us too! And yes, a little about my most recent ‘Golden Crane Award’ HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021!! Thanks for listening

Siyona Dec 31, 2020

043: Current News for Kids – 16

Hi, Here’s some news from across the world. We also announce our December month’s competition winner… Its Tanvi B for her creative Chocolate Laddoo. – New Strain of Covid spreads faster – Cyber Attack in US – India’s first Driverless train – Nuro – first driverless delivery vehicle – Hayabusa-2 and Change’e space samples – Lewis Hamilton Environment friendly racing – Ranjitsinh Disale’s global teacher prize Hope you enjoy listening. Thanks!

Siyona Dec 27, 2020

042: Education help at home

Hi… This week, we discuss all about homework and what kind of help we could receive from our parents. Mrs Aparna Dinesh, the coordinator at National Public School, Koramangala, Bengaluru, playfully explains so many things I never thought of… I asked her many questions on why its important to keep learning at home too, How to keep homework interesting? Or when is best to talk to parents I hope you enjoy listening to this episode. You can listen to other episodes from this series on my website https://www.littlemindchats.com/ Thank you..

Siyona Dec 20, 2020

041: Current News for Kids – 15

Hi, In this news episode, we discuss quiet a few interesting events from across the world. – Covid vaccinations – Bangladesh Island for Rohingyas – Farmers protests in India – Mt Everest taller than thought – Japan brings back Asteroid samples – Amazon forest loss – Times magazine ‘Kid of the year Thanks,

Siyona Dec 16, 2020