048: Season 3 wrap up and Netaji’s Birthday
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048: Season 3 wrap up and Netaji’s Birthday

Hi, Feels like an achievement to wrap up my Season 3! We discussed so many aspects of education in this season. I’ve attempted to play back some of the great things we discussed. Thanks to all the lovely guests who cared to share with us, all the stuff we covered in this Season. But there’s something else happening today.. it’s the Birthday of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. I feel humbled at the efforts this great man put in to bring us freedom. And so, we finish this episode with a little discussion about this great leader. Jai Hind! Thanks,




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[0.06] Hello, Hello. Hope you are all doing just as great as I am! Welcome to my podcast ‘Little Mind Chats’. Minds are little, not our thoughts. I’m your host Siyona.

[0.16] In today’s episode, we will be wrapping up Season 3 and speaking about a great freedom fighter as it is his birthday today. Okay. Talking about Education, our first Education episode started on Nov 1st and since then, we spoke to 5 highly qualified guests on various topics of education over 7 episodes.

[0.41] We started asking some basic questions about Education. Dr Uday Balakrishnan was great at answering these questions. It made us realise that without education, we will have to settle for very menial jobs where it’s a lot of physical work the whole day and very less pay. Worse of all, we can hardly make any difference in the world with that kind of a lifestyle. I was shocked to know that education is one thing that’s not yet accessible to all kids in India. Listen to what he said.

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[2.26] Oh, that made me feel very lucky that we, are already better placed compared to many other children born in poor families and struggle to get good education! But not to worry, there are lots of people like Dr Uday and Dr Chetan Singai, working very hard to ensure all the kids, regardless of where they’re born, get the right kind of education.

[2.49] I was also, very intrigued to know that education is what helps us influence others and what a country’s influence in the world increases with the number of people educated in it.

[3.02] Thank you Dr Uday Balakrishnan for leaving us this wonderful advice.

[3.08] While it’s one thing to encourage a child to do a project, but a completely different feat to be a part of it. I’m proud to say that the director of my school, Mrs Archana Viswanath, did just that, she was kind enough to explain to us about the importance of skills in Episode 36.

[3.29] She made great points on how respect towards others and empathy are skills we need to learn at an early age. She rightly emphasises on how we need to develop the skill of reading the right kind of books at this age so we grow into positive humans.

[3.49] Listen to her here

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[4.54] Thank you, Mrs Archana, for leaving us a very inspiring message that we shouldn’t stop when things don’t work our way.

[5.04] But with all this, it still wasn’t clear on how and why going to school was all that important. Which is when, I got talking to Mrs Manisha Shashiraj Shetty, the vice principal of Innisfree school. We spoke to her on so many aspects related to just school like the importance of it, why uniform is necessary, why they insist so heavily on Discipline in school. I even asked her the ever-bothering question on favouritism in class. I just loved her answer. 

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[6.43] Do listen to the episodes 39 and 40 to know what exactly she meant.

[6.53] Thank you so very much Mrs Manisha, you did put a lot of positivity into my thoughts about returning back to school.

[7.02] If education happened in school, why then do we have to study at home too? Why are our parents constantly worried about our marks? I took up my questions about this, with Mrs Aparna Dinesh, the co-ordinator of National Public School in Episode 42: Education help at home.

[7.26] Quiet interestingly, she explained that our parents are concerned about our future. For them, marks convert into a bright future for us. Just listen and you’ll understand.

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[8.35] Thanks a lot Mrs Aparna, you definitely resonated with my thoughts. Grading system should never be such a daunting task for kids like us.

[8.46] So, do we really have to keep this going on? This stressful schooling, homework, grading, feels like an endless journey, right? Well, there is a silver lining for us. In just about a few years, the whole of the education system is set to change here in India. It’s because the National Education Policy 2020. Dr Chetan Singai actually explains this to us in episodes 45 and 46.

[9.19] Let’s listen to a quick conversation on the changes coming in.

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[10.29] I so agree. I’m experiencing this first hand. But I’m so looking forward to the changes! Thanks again Dr Chetan Singai. You’ve helped all of us a great deal. Increasing our hopes to an enjoyable school experience.

[10.47] So, friends, as you have listened to all our experts, our elders, teachers and Education policy makers are definitely thinking more for us and about us. All we need to do is crack on with working hard so we can become the best global citizens the world needs in the future.

[11.10] I really hope you enjoyed this season and all we learnt out of these fine teachers.

[11.29] Today is the 23rd January. On this day, 125 years ago, a great person was born. A person who actually fought for India’s freedom and made up the slogan ‘Jai Hind!’. His name is ‘Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’. The iconic freedom fighter, known for his militancy approach for liberating India, was arrested, released and rearrested countless times.

[11.57] Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was born in Cuttack on 23rd January 1897 to his parents Janaki Nath and Prabhavati Bose as the 9th child. He excelled in his studies as a child. He moved to England and completed his ICS (Indian Civil Service) in 1920.

[12.22] There was just one meaning and one purpose to his life at this moment. It was to seek freedom from bondage of every kind, for his motherland, Bharath Mata.

[12.37] He returned to India in 1921 and did not waste any time in joining the struggle for the freedom of India from the British. On the occasion of the visit of the prince of Wales, he organised a total boycott in Calcutta, the current Kolkata and that was the first time he ever went to jail. 

[13.02] In 1938, while he was abroad for treatment, he was appointed the president of the Indian National Congress. He stood for direct action against the British Government. As this was against the strategy of other leaders like Gandhiji, he was forced to resign.

[13.26] The first Azad Hind Fauj was formed in Berlin in September 1941. He recruited Indian prisoners of war from Europe and North Africa. In December of the same year, Japan bombed Pearl Harbour and the war spread to Asia. The fall of Singapore rocked the foundations of the British Empire. On October 21st 1943, Netaji established the provisional govt of Azad hind in Singapore. He spoke the most famous sentences to the army. “Give me your blood and I will give you your freedom”. This is the demand of liberty. After his speech, the skies reverberated with the shouts of Jai Hind!! 

[14.22] Thanks to this great person and scores of other freedom fighters because of whom we are all enjoying the Azaad Bharat! Jai Hind!

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[14.50] My next episode would be regarding the Republic day on Tuesday the 26th. And we will be having a very interesting person to answer our questions and give a great deal of information for our little minds.

[15.06] Until Tuesday, Good Bye.

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