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This is my first podcast and I’m here to introduce myself and share some news from across the world. I really couldn’t gather much news but for about Corona Virus. Please do listen to it and enter the competition!


Episode 001Introduction Episode

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[0.09] Siyona: Hello lovely kids out there, welcome to my podcast Little Mind Chats. Minds are little, not our thoughts. I am siyona and I’m 8 years old. So, if you are wondering who I am? Here’s a little about me. I have lived in the UK (United Kingdom) all my life and I moved to India very recent. I have a little brother and he is just two years. But man! He just keeps all of us busy. I love playing with him. I love reading books and some of my favourite cartoons are Shaun the sheep, Teihysens girl and many more. Why am I doing this podcast you ask? Well, there are many reasons for this. First, I’m here to make new friends. I believe that “we” as kids have got a lot of thoughts full of vivid imagination and they are definitely worth being heard by people far and near. The second reason, I feel that news is not just for grownups. Come on, we need to know what’s happening around us too. I did not come across any popular news podcasts for children. Finally, I think “we” as today’s kids will be running tomorrow’s world. We have to work together in understanding how the world is run today. So, we can run it better tomorrow. How do you think I’m gonna do it? I would like to use this podcast to capture the thoughts of today’s top leaders so they can inspire us to make a big positive difference tomorrow. Well, that explains all you could expect out of my podcast. 

[1.42] Now, let’s talk about the most pressing issue in the world right now. Corona virus lock down. I would like to thank the doctors, nurses and the policemen who are out there risking their precious lives and families to keep us safe from this deadly outbreak. So, whatever you do, please appreciate them. 

[2.03] As you would have heard already a million times, I am repeating a million plus 1th time, please wash your hands frequently, don’t touch your face, eat healthy and definitely exercise until school starts. How am I coping with this lock down you might ask? Though I am eating, sleeping and playing with my brother it does get a bit boring at times. But I do know it is of very high importance to stay at home for the sake of keeping myself and my family safe. There are other things I started doing during this lockdown time. I am exercising more. I am Reading more books. But the most exciting hobby I developed is stop motion animation. It’s fun. You guys should totally try it out too. It takes away a lot of my time and helps me get better at creative thinking. If you want to do some too, download stop motion studio on any gadget you have. 

[3.04] Before ending my introduction episode, I would like to know how you guys are spending your time. Send me your voice messages, pictures, videos or anything that can help me understand your lock down activities better before lock down ends on 3rd may. I will be sending out a couple of gift vouchers. If you would like to win, please do visit my website or mail me at If you are not able to do either, just pick up a phone and WhatsApp me on +916366305959. (repeats the number). That brings us to the end of my introduction. Meet you soon in the next episode. Thanks, a tonne for listening. Bye.

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