114: Current News for Kids - 36
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114: Current News for Kids - 36

Space travel seems like a dream come true to many. This research from University of Calgary in Canada warns of bone issues for long term space travellers.
If you love anything celestial, you should watch out to this comet coming real close to earth on July 14th. You could watch it live... well, not with your telescope, but online -> Here !

Yey! Its the 'Plastic free July' this month... India bans numerous single use plastic items just in time! Are you doing your bit to swap your plastic laden lives to something more sustainable? if you're falling short of ideas, you could always visit https://www.plasticfreejuly.org/ for inspiration!

I was surprised to know there is truth in why most parents complain about their teenager not listening to them. The research done by Stanford University School of Medicine in California, does a deep dive into this. Turns out, it is expected behavior...  I began to wonder if I'll be this way after turning a teenager too? well, time will speak for itself..

I end this news episode with some phenomenal amount of plastic we collected through my Little-WISE club in just 3 hours, from 3 schools! Hurray!

Please don't forget to sign my petition to 'Say NO to plastic toys' 

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