112 - Current News for Kids - 35

Siyona Vikram Jun 14, 2022

087: Current News for kids – 32

Lost of interesting news to share! There are great promising events happening around the world and I couldn’t choose which ones to share

Siyona Sep 26, 2021

085: Current News for kids – 31

Its great to see more and more children achieve different feats whether its teenager Emma Raducanu winning the US Open or 5 year old Harvey hiking the Appalachian Mountains. Scientists warn on why fossil fuels must remain underground. To echo this, the world’s first giant carbon sucking machine, Orca is now operating in Iceland.

Siyona Sep 16, 2021

082: Current news for kids – 30

Voo hooo… I’ve reached a milestone of 30 news episodes! In this fortnightly news episode, I tried my best to explain the Taliban situation. Its not good news, yet important for us, as kids to understand why it happened. Here’s a list of other event’s I managed to cover in this news episode.

Siyona Aug 28, 2021

076: Current news for Kids – 28

’ve been able to cover lots of great news in this fortnightly news episode. I think its just brilliant! Scientists discover a way to use Wolbachia bacteria against the spread of Dengue.

Siyona Jul 10, 2021

073: Current news for Kids – 27

My favourite news this fortnight is about Kenyan Engineer Nzambi Matee who found a way to recycle the plastic into Bricks. People like her inspire my generation to keep working for a better earth. Thank you to all who are relentlessly working towards leaving us a better earth.

Siyona Jun 19, 2021

071: Current News -26 and World Environment Day

Covid vaccine news Olympics NFT collectibles Naomi Osaka drops out of French Open Solar eclipse spectacle on June 10th Two extinct species re-discovered

Siyona Jun 05, 2021

068: Current news for kids – 25

In today’s fortnightly news episode, I’ve been able to cover some news in politics, space, environment and a cyber attack incident that shut Oil pipelines in US. Here’s a list of all the news you could hear

Siyona May 22, 2021