125: Climate Change with Roberta Boscolo

we've all read/ heard of news about humanity's fight against climate change. Be it in our country India, or elsewhere in the world. Just like weather, climate and the water cycle have no boundaries across the earth, so does this specialised agency of the United Nations, World Meteorological Organisation. Feeling elated to have one of the most vocal persons of WMO, Speak to us about climate change. Meet Roberta Boscolo, a scientist and climate change leader at WMO who has been adding value to transformative solutions for a resilient, low-carbon energy for many countries across the continents. Let's hear her what she has to say about climate change and the measures to reduce climate change and its impact on our earth.

Siyona Vikram Mar 07, 2023

124: Schools and sustainability with Usha Iyer

A School where Carbon net zero is the goal, uniforms worn by children are Work in progress to become recyclable, Lots of trees, school grown veggies are sent home and children are constantly working towards UNSDGs. Every stone laid in building this school is rooted in and reflects sustainability. Every furniture made is made of wood…. This and so much more that went into making this award winning sustainable school! Get inspired, get sustainable. Follow the inspiring work of Mrs Usha on her social media Usha Mohan | Facebook https://www.linkedin.com/in/usha-iyer-19b52210/

Siyona Vikram Feb 26, 2023

122: Circular economy route to Sustainability - Dr Vidhi Vora

Circularity is everywhere in the nature… Vidhi Vohra, an ardent circular Economy supporter, preacher and advisor, clearly explains how this fits perfectly with having a sustainable world and future. Children can become the thoughtful designers of tomorrow, preserving sustainability and circularity. All you need is, the awareness, a hand holding until they understand this. As founder of Her advice to adults of today, Make your decisions based on the 7 generations coming after you so they enjoy what you have today! Please follow Dr Vidhi Vora on the following links. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the_green_phoenix_project Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-vidhi-vora-89a56712b/ Website: http://www.thegreenphoenixproject.com/

Admin Jan 24, 2023

121: Cancers in Children.. Why? with Dr Pooja Gujjal Chebbi

Not aware does not mean it doesn't exist. Cancers in children is a reality and its on the rise... What are you doing about it?

Admin Dec 17, 2022

117: Celebrating a ton of change, the Little-WISE style

While the whole world keeps moving forward, we took some time to stop by and look back at what we achieved in the past 10 months. Some called it nothing less than an impossible feat achieved. Little-WISE club has proudly collected ONE TON of plastic from its Eco-warriors, most of them, children Listen to this episode and you will realize the magnitude of positive response and support this intiative, now a movement is gaining. Principals, teachers, parents and children are coming together to help environment in an very festive and exuberant environment, month on month. Thank you! We’re targeting 10 tons next. Please do vote for me by 15th September, I’ve been nominated for a ‘Green Childhood Awards’ under the ‘Nature Positive Innovation of the year’ category, hosted by wenaturalists. Here’s the link -> https://tinyurl.com/5n9abj57

Siyona Vikram Sep 10, 2022

105: Toys in India with Suhasini Paul

The power of creating something is incredible... The power to influence little lives with that creation is a bigger reponsibility... So, who shoulders this responsibility of creating toys for us? Its the 'Toy Designers'. My guest 'Suhasini Paul', who places children, their learning, their creativity and even their future, while designing each toy. No wonder she received an award from our Prime Minister Narendra Modiji. Follow her on social media https://www.facebook.com/suhasini.paul.3 https://www.linkedin.com/in/suhasinipaul/ https://www.instagram.com/suhasinipaul/?hl=en

Siyona Vikram Apr 03, 2022

104: Women’s Day Special – Meeta Sharma Gupta

Happy Women’s Day!! A day to remember that Women are changing this world in ways beyond what we can fathom! That includes the toy industry too!

Siyona Mar 07, 2022

103: UN Scientist’s view on Toys – Dr Peter Fantke

Dr Peter Fantke. Dr Peter is professor for quantitative sustainability assessment with focus on assessing life cycle fate, exposure, and effects of chemicals. He is the director of USEtox, the UNEP/SETAC scientific consensus model.

Siyona Mar 05, 2022