115: Little-WISE excerpts from Experts
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115: Little-WISE excerpts from Experts

Believe you can and you are half way there 
– Theodore Roosevelt

It took over a year of believing and month on month effort for 8 months to see my Little-WISE see the day of light. Now, it feels like this is just the beginning for my club. 

I've hosted numerous distinguished guests as part of my Season-6. They taught me that the path could be slow but is necessary. Its on all of us to do something about the environmental crisis we are in. That gave me confidence to keep going..

Thanks to hundreds of children and parents who are part of the wonderful Little-WISE club. conquering one school at a time... 

Listen to this episode to listen to some of my guests, the passion they work with and some amazing advices too...

My curiosity continues to grow too… there are so many more topics to explore! Its time to move on to the next topic of interest... Watch this space!  

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