089: Excitement of coaching in sports with Ray Malik

How does a coach mould a sports person into a winner? What qualities would an athlete need before he/ she could be coached?

Siyona Oct 09, 2021

088: Sports Photography with Mike Valente

ports is not just about the Athletes. There are a huge load of professions that support the glory of this industry. Photography is clearly one that accentuates the achievements of the athletes.

Siyona Oct 03, 2021

086: ‘Growth Beyond Failure’ with Natalie Allport

Sports gives skills for life… one of them is how we deal with competition, stress, the nerves around it and above all, the ‘Failure’ part that comes inadvertently.

Siyona Sep 18, 2021

080: Mindset of an Athlete with Cory Camp

nuggets of great advice from Cory camp in this episode His answers to some of my questions like importance of sports for kids and how the mindset of Athletes is different from that of others is amazing!

Siyona Aug 07, 2021

078: Spirit of Sports – Season 5 Launch

Launching Season-5: Spirit of Sports I’m feeling so good to be entering into my next season and timing is great with Olympics happening.

Siyona Jul 26, 2021