Healthy Eating

Hi, Have you ever wondered why our parents keep insisting on us eating healthy food? Why we’re not junk food outside? Have you ever thought what happens to the food once it is inside our body? Join me in understanding all of this and a lot more about healthy eating…

Siyona Apr 02, 2022

End of Season 1

Hi All, I’m happy that my Season 1, that is the health series is done. In this episode, we recap on what we heard and learnt from all the episodes so far. I share some fun facts about our body and the food too.I’d like to remind you that the painting competition ends on the 25th! So, quick, send me your paintings, sketches and drawings. To be fair, they will be judged by a professional artist. I hope you enjoy listening to my concluding episode for Season 1! Thanks!

Siyona Jul 19, 2020

Healthy Eyes

Hi, Your eyes! You’re reading this with your eyes! In this episode, I have Dr Manjunath, paediatric ophthalmologist, explaining so many thing about our eyes. Have you wondered what to do when something falls in your eyes? Dr Manjunath clearly explains what short sight and long sight are… No more confusion. For the first time, I know why my parents are concerned about me wearing glasses at the age of 8. I feel more convinced on why screen time is devastating on our eyes and health. Listen to know what exercises you could do to keep your eyes top notch during this phase of online classes. Do not miss out my last episode in the health series Thanks for listening,

Siyona Jul 05, 2020

Healthy Mind

Hi All, Join me in my discussion with a qualified psychiatrist Dr Divya Ganesh Nallur. We’ve discussed on so many topics relevant to children like us. We discuss why mental health is important for us and how we could cope in the Covid 19 issues. We also discuss in depth about why reading books is important to us and not the gadgets. Why is it important for little children like us to watch only age appropriate movies? How can we support any of our friends with learning disability? Oh oh yeah… bullying is BAD. And so much more. Dr Divya patiently answered my questions in this nearly half hour episode. The longest one for me so far! I hope you learn and enjoy listening!. Thanks

Siyona Jun 21, 2020

Healthy Teeth

Hello Again!! I can’t believe I’m into my 7th episode already. As you are aware, we’re running a Health series. In my last interview, we heard a lot about Good eating. This week, we’ll hear and learn a lot more on how and why our teeth are so important to us. Dr Shwetha G, a Paediatric Dentist explains sooo many important questions like why we need to use age appropriate tooth paste and brush, why we get tooth aches, why some of us have too many teeth and so much more! I hope, you enjoy listening…

Siyona Jun 07, 2020