Have you signed my petition yet?

Have you signed my petition yet?

I'm hoping to get the right eyeballs on this issue.

Patti Dobrowolski, Draws the future of Little Mind Chats

Patti Dobrowolski, Draws the future of Little Mind Chats

4 times TED speaker, Author and founder of 'Creative Genius' was on my Podcast too

Children around the world Love Siyona's Podcast

Children around the world Love Siyona's Podcast

There is a reason why we've reached 80 countries!


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When one journey leads to another, you have to keep going to 'Make an Impact.'

This is what happened to this Little Award-winning Podcaster!

Podcasting leads to learning more about the environment, which leads to standing strong for the cause she thinks she can make a difference in the lives of millions of children... A revolution in how children play with their toys.

Love your kids? Learn more on how/why it's time to move out of buying, playing, and engaging children with plastic toys!

Our collective efforts can make our Earth plastic-free and save little lives from harmful chemicals. Come, be part of it. Click below!

Let’s Stand up for what we Stand on.

Become an Eco-Warrior

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People showing love through words!
Show us yours!!

Testimonial From Young Adults At InterconnectCafe.


The ecosystem degradation affects each one of us.Therefore every voice matters.We need to spread awareness with friends family and public through different platform.Let's start and help anyone get started

Sangeetha C.A

Motivation Behind Donation

I donated plastic to my school it felt like refreshing my storage yet it’s a win win for both of us (school and me) the thought of recycling isn’t a big issue that you have to do extra stuff by that I meant loving Mother Earth, Our planet etc I hope you receive this message that made me motivate my self to donate plastic

Laalithya Gorur

A Testimonial From A Central Govt Civil Servant Is Something You Cannot Forget!

Ajay Kumar - Ex Defense Secretary Of India

You Are Inspiring

Love your podcast Siyona, discovered it today! I can’t wait for my kids to listen to it

Easlyn Feedback On Linkedin Switzerland

Testimonial From Laura Frank Barnard, An Entrepreneur From The US

Laura Frank Barnard

We Love It When Our Eco-warriors Love It!

felt really nice that the little mind chats are doing a very nice job in keeping the earth safe and getting it rid of plastic


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