031: Satellites & Space – Part 2

So, another episode with our favourite Dr Guruprasad. He speaks about lots of things which are light years away from our vast imagination. … like how 15 Storey high rocket, PSLV put 104 satellites into their orbits accurately! Imagine that (if You can)! And how you are hearing his

Siyona Oct 10, 2020

030: Satellites and Space – Part 1

Hi Again! I’ve had the pleasure of picking Dr Guruprasad’s brains again. This time, for my questions on Satellites. He did not disappoint me at all…. This episode is packed with so much to help you understand why we have so many satellites are in space and still don’t really collide… what space debris is and how lots of satellites fall back to earth after their job is done. Its interesting how India has its own version of GPS called Navik. I was truly fascinated to know how tall the PSLV rocket is! Its truly wonderful how satellites are inseparable from our lives now. It shocked me satellites are even involved in my own podcast while you all are listening from different parts of the world!. I hope you enjoy listening. Thanks,

Siyona Oct 10, 2020

027: Space, Scientists and Competition Results

Hello Hello, This week, I planned to mention some great scientists who left their foot prints on space exploration. We have a look at how some of India’s scientists paved out ISRO. There are ofcourse lots more space exploration agencies across the world. We then move on to discuss about a few space oriented movies and look at our Judge’s recommendations. Please do watch them when you find time next. Finally, we wrap up by declaring our winner for this month’s competition. Listen on to know who won! Thanks!

Siyona Sep 26, 2020

025: Stars and Constellations

Hello All, This episode turned out to be so educative about the different kinds of stars we could probably see with our naked eye in the night sky. Dr B S Shylaja explains with such astonishing ease about the constellations, where to look for them. Just in case you get lost in sea, This episode might save your life if you listen carefully about the North star. It truly helps you decide the direction of your travel! How and where do you see Venus? If you thought its at night, you might be wrong! You’d have to wake up early to see it!! White dwarfs, Super Nova, Nebula, neutron star… sounds confusing? This episode is sure to clarify all that to you. Hope you love it as much as I did.. Thanks!

Siyona Sep 12, 2020

021: Universe and Black Holes – Part 2

Hi Again! Second episode within a week’s time rings the bell that its THAT interesting… Mainly because this Brilliant trainer of future scientists, Assistant Director of the Nehru Planetarium shares such astounding facts about our Universe and the Black holes… I mean, who would have ever guessed that the colours we see in various pictures might not really be visible to us if we went into space right now and looked at the same! How peacefully we live on our earth while such massive black holes continuously gobble up even light that gets near it…. I wonder what the difference between Super Massive Black holes and Stellar Black holes could be! Listen and enjoy all the graceful answers about these very questions. Thanks!

Siyona Aug 25, 2020

020: Universe and Black Holes – Part 1

Hi Again! Can you believe this is my 20th episode? Thanks for listening to me all along. In today’s episode, Dr Madhusudan, Assistant director of Nehru Planetarium in Bengaluru explains and helps us visualise how big our solar system is and how big the Nebule can me. I was astonished to hear how the Sky on the Moon might appear…. Makes me feel like I want to travel to the moon as soon as I could. We even discuss what light years are and so many more fascinating facts about our unimaginably big Universe. I really hope you enjoy this journey through the universe. Thanks for listening

Siyona Aug 22, 2020

Independence Day Special 2020

Patriotism in the air today… I’m loving the feeling. Who could answer my questions better than an army man? I’ve been lucky enough to interview a Kargil War veteran, Brigadier Amardeep Singh on this Independence day. He beautifully explains to us the history before our independence, the meaning of patriotism, and how proud he is for doing his bit for India in winning the Kargil war. My little heart was filled with Pride and greatness to this nation. Bolo Bharat Mata ki… Jai!

Siyona Aug 14, 2020

Solar System – Part 1

Hi There…. Season two episode two, I’m sure you’re looking forward to it Too! I’m Very excited to be sharing my conversation with an Ex space scientist, Dr B R Guruprasad. In this episode, I’ve asked him some questions I thought were tough, but effortlessly answered by this inspiring scientist. I’ve learnt so much about Venus and gaseous giants like Jupiter…. I felt like being taken to a different world!

Admin Aug 08, 2020