118: Inspiring Ingenuity - Digital Vaccines with Bhargav Sri Prakash

Its not everyday that we get to speak to history makers. With every child getting more and more addicted to screen-time, Bad eating habits, Lesser outdoor play, It's a huge concern for parents and doctors alike, on the health implications on children and their future. Bhargav is that rare breed of parent/ entrepreneur who took 12 years to research and work with experts in medical, psychological, neuroscientists and many more, for a futuristic solution. One that benefits of millions of kids for generations to come. No wonder it's a matter of pride to be the world's first person to receive a patent for Digital Vaccines. How about using technology and the natural technological capabilities of children to train them to better health? How about a future when the doctors prescribe apps as medicines? I feel greatful to have these and many more questions answered by the expert himself. We even discuss the Sustainable advantage of these vaccines. Follow Bhargav on Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/bhargavsriprakash and download the Fooya app to see it for yourself!!

Siyona Vikram Oct 09, 2022

111: Inspiring Ingenuity with Nitin Pandey of Parentune

Ingenuity starts from a very young age… Here’s the ingenious idea of Nitin Pandey, founder of India’s most successful parenting app, Parentune. His success today has its roots in his childhood. Listen and understand why this app cares for children through their parents. His advice for every child is to play a sport, help and work together, improve things around you, dream everyday and have a growth mindset where failures turn to learnings. I love each one of them. Follow Parentune in the following links. https://www.linkedin.com/company/parentune-com/ https://www.instagram.com/parentunelive/ https://www.facebook.com/Parentune https://twitter.com/Parentune Sound effects courtesy: Zapsplat

Admin Jun 01, 2022

083: Inspiring Ingenuity – Illusionist Nikhil Raj

Magic is a great part of anyone’s childhood and I’m lucky to be speaking to one. Listen to Nikhil Raj reveal the early days of his childhood and how he got to be associated with Magic.

Siyona Sep 01, 2021

075: Inspiring Ingenuity – Yasharka Bhattacharyya

A young 13 yr old CEO who is shattering all myth that children are meant to stick to school work.

Siyona Jul 01, 2021

070: Inspiring ingenuity, with Christina Korp

Space technology in our daily life? we don’t realise this while using things like non-contact infrared thermometers to measure temperatures, or the power generated by solar panels.

Siyona Jun 01, 2021